Product Install, Registration and Warranty

Installation Checklist

The installation checklist below contains all the information you need to prepare the site for a problem-free installation. Be sure to contact your distributor for installation assistance where needed. Download the Installation Checklist XLS (18 KB)

Specific installation detail by product is available on


The PGBU Warranty System is available at for all PGBU Dealers and Distributors with the following functionality:

    - Product Registration

    - PGBU Warranty Claim filing, lookup and reporting

            - NA Dealers will have capability in February 2016 to file directly through this system

            - NA Distributors will continue to file through BMS

    - Invoice Lookup and Printing

    - Coverages Lookup and details

    - SRT and Failcode Lookup

    - Repair History

For users with a valid Cummins Account see registration training here.

For users without a Cummins Account see registration training here.


For Extended Warranty details click here.


Warranty Training

We have a number of different warranty trainings available for our channel. These will help you in understanding warranty processes and systems.

- Introduction to PGBU Warranty Training Presentation is available here

PowerHour: HSB Extended Warranty Coverages (March 2019)

UPK > Knowledge Path > Cummins Power Generation (CPG) > PGBU Warranty System

    o   All Distributors with WWIDs will have access

    o   All Dealers will be granted access after their registration for the warranty system has been approved

Click here to access Warranty related training


Warranty Communications

Sign up to stay informed on PGBU Warranty System updates, training, coverages and other warranty related information here.

Contact us at

All PGBU Products should be registered in the PGBU Warranty System upon start up.

Registering your product can provide a number of benefits:·

* It ensures that in the event that your customers have a problem with the equipment, we will able to provide quicker and more efficient service and warranty support.

* Registering the product will solidify the start date on the warranty period and cut down on confusion and frustration should the customer ever have to take advantage of any warranty services.

Don’t Wait! You should register a product immediately after the installation has been completed. Register your customer’s product now