Using the Portal Application

What is the Getting Started overlay?

The getting started overlay serves as a "getting started guide" The overlay will assist you in understanding how to navigate on the Channel One Portal Landing Page. You have the opportunity to hide the overlay by selecting the "Don't show this again" checkbox. Once this checkbox has been selected the overlay will be hidden, but accesible through the Site Help Tab - Getting Started

Where can I find training on how to use the portal?

The Portal contains a comprehensive training suite with video demonstrations as well as guided "try it" tours. To access the Channel One Portal Training Material follow these steps: -Select the training tab on the red toolbar on the top of the landing page. - Select the training resources subtab from the drop down - Select the "click here" for dealer portal user training option - Review the screenshots on this page - Select the Cummins User Productivity Kit to be taken into the training module. - Utilize the folder structure to navigate to the training you are interested in.

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